Anosmics of the World Unite!

A Facebook page for anosmics of all types. 

Congenital Anosmia

A Facebook page for people with congenital anosmia.

Yahoo Group

Discussion group on matters having to do with anosmia.


Living Well With Anosmia

A Facebook page that provides discussion on positive ways to live with the problems of anosmia.

Smell Training on Facebook

A Facebook page devoted to discussion and information on smell training therapy for post-viral anosmics. TBI patients with some degree of recovery may also find posts of interest.

Acquired Anosmia Support Page

This Facebook page covers all topics for those with acquired anosmia.


Parosmia & Phantosmia Support Page

A Facebook page for sufferers of parosmia and phantosmia providing support and discussion.