Monell Chemical Senses Center

The Monell Center, located in Philadelphia, USA, is the world’s leading scientific research center devoted solely to a comprehensive understanding of the senses of smell and taste. In 2014, Monell launched a targeted research mission focused on identifying the underlying causes of anosmia in order to develop effective treatments. The anosmia portion of Monell’s website contains vetted scientific information on anosmia and details about ongoing research.

University of Connecticut Taste and Smell Clinic

The fundamental goal of this clinical center is to advance the understanding of the causes and potential treatments of chemosensory disorders through provision of: (1) meticulous and comprehensive clinical and chemosensory data to scientific investigators; and (2) a forum for interaction between clinical, basic science, data management, and biostatistical experts.

University of Dresden Smell and Taste Center

Under the direction of Professor Thomas Hummel, the Center conducts fundamental and clinical research on diagnosis, consequences and treatments of anosmia.

University of Florida Center for Smell and Taste

Located at the University of Florida in Gainesville, FL, USA, the UFCST is a University-
wide center that coordinates and promotes basic and applied research and education in taste and smell across traditional academic boundaries. UFCST scientists are actively pursuing new strategies to diagnose and treat smell and taste disorders. From creating new ways to measure chemosensory abilities in the clinic to developing novel gene-therapies for rescuing congenital anosmias, the UFCST is at the forefront of efforts to help improve the lives of those with chemosensory disorders.

Ede/Wageningen Smell and Taste Center

Wageningen University and Hospital Gelderse Vallei joined their expertise with respect to smell, taste and health care to open the first Smell and taste centre in The Netherlands. The centre combines high quality health care with excellent scientific research. Patients undergo an extensive clinical examination protocol for a proper diagnosis and prognosis, and where possible, treatment. Besides clinical care, the information gathered from these patients leads to innovative scientific research, that may in turn feed back into the clinic, and gives us tools to come up with treatments.

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University of Pennsylvania Taste and Smell Center

The University of Pennsylvania Smell and Taste Center was founded in 1980. This unique center, which encompasses not only the Medical School’s Smell and Taste Center, but the first NIH-funded Clinical Research Center in the United States devoted to the senses of taste and smell, has achieved world-wide prominence for both its research and clinical activities.