My name is Daniel Schein. Growing up with anosmia, I never knew anyone else with the disorder and it was just something I accepted and lived with. But as a high school student, I learned that there were many people all over the world in the same situation and different groups doing important research. I started Anosmia Awareness Day as a way to bring together everyone interested in anosmia, encourage research and spread awareness.

Since its launch in 2012, Anosmia Awareness Day has become an international event, joined by thousands of people around the world and supported by leading research centers, including the Monell Chemical Senses Center and advocacy organization Fifth Sense. February 27th has become an important day on the calendar for anosmics, support groups and research centers. Through Anosmia Awareness Day and its website,, we are committed to the mission of spreading awareness, encouraging research and serving as a central hub, where anosmia resources are pooled and organized for the anosmia community, their supporters, researchers and anyone wishing to learn more.   

I’d like to thank Chrissi Kelly for partnering with me to create this website. Chrissi is a recovering viral anosmic with a passionate interest in anosmia advocacy. Our complementary perspectives – along with Chrissi’s web design skills - helped to shape this site into the resource that you see right now. We hope you find it helpful and that you will work with us to make it even better.