Tales of Anosmia by Joolz Zenda

Life in Anosmia


Odourless Reality

The Parosmia Diaries
Louise Woollam

Accountant and beauty-blogger/perfume writer Louise Woollam lost her sense of smell after a cold in 2014. Now recovering, she's suffered a gamut of smell disorders from anosmia to cacosmia and everything in between.

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My Anosmatic life
Sharika Renee

My name is Sharika and I don’t have a sense of smell. The medical term is Anosmia (an–oz-me-uh). I wasn’t born without it, just happened to lose it eleven years ago.

How? I’m still trying to figure it out.

Anosmia My World
debbie Jinks

I am a singer and lyricist by trade and acquired anosmia from a blow to the head. I have a blog about it called 'Anosmia My World', and also a Facebook group called "Living Well With Anosmia", to support sufferers of anosmia. My condition has since improved and I'm hopeful that it will continue to do so.


Girl who can't smell
brianna salazar

Mostly everyone (and their mom) has their five senses. I only have four. I can see, touch, taste, and hear. I can not smell. To many out there, this does not warrant an inkling of curiosity, but to the majority of those whom I inform (for safety reasons etc…) they are really fascinated by my condition.




Story by Stephanie Feuer


Story by Joan S. Martinez